Have you gotten to that place in your life when your hair is boring or you just want to boost your inner awesomeness?

It may have lost its shimmer and glow; it may be dull and lifeless. It may be time to give it life. Colour it!

Other reasons you may want to colour your hair are;

  • Cover up or blend gray hair
  • Enhance existing hair colour
  • Create a fashion statement or statement of self-expression
  • Correct unwanted tones
  • Accentuate a particular haircut

Choosing the right hair colour

Choosing the right hair colour isn’t as easy as simply picking out a colour you like. There are a lot of factors that you should consider before picking a colour for your hair, like your skin tone, natural hair colour, and eye colour.

Guide on choosing your colour

  • Gather pictures of hair colour looks that you like.
  • Design your new look by deciding how drastic you would like your colour change to be. Make sure that you consider rules at your place of work or school as you plan your new hair colour look.
  • Think about how often you are willing to get touch-ups. If you make a dramatic change, then you will need to have regular touch-ups to maintain that look. Considering Your Natural Colouring
  • Ask your colourist to help you determine your skin tone and eye colour. Professional hair colourists use this method to determine which colour suits each individual.

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