For this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tutorial, your hair needs to be open and not styled up in any protective hair do. Additionally, you will need a packet of curly braids which can be found in any beauty shop around town, or even at a supermarket; a strong piece of thread that won’t break easily; Venus hair food and hair pins and hair bands that will be used to secure the hair.

Find an edge on which you can tie the piece of thread firmly, more preferably across the arm rests of a chair. Cut the curly braids into your desired length and separate into smaller portions. Fasten the curly braids onto the piece of thread until you are satisfied with its thickness or fullness. Moisturize you hair with the Venus hair food to enable easier styling and enhance the natural shine of your hair. Comb your hair into a ponytail and make a three strand braid which you can clip to your scalp. Using hair pins, clip the improv hair extension over your braided ponytail and voila! You can switch up your look as easy as that.

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