Most people especially men never do anything about their hair loss. They often resort to ‘accepting’ and living happily with the condition. However, women take extra care and as such the following steps could help conceal the loss of hair.

  1. Disguise

Women will often opt to get a hairstyle or weave the hair to hide the condition. It is advisable to talk to your hairdresser to ensure the hair extensions are not fixed too tightly as they will further aggravate the situation.

  1. Medication

Minoxidil is an effective medication and treatment for receding hairline. It is applied directly to the scalp and it will help stimulate hair follicles. You will notice a drastic reduction of hair loss after application and for some people the problem stops but unfortunately returns once again if you stop using this medicine. However, the medicine may also have other side effects on the natural presence of testosterone with regard to ageing.

  1. Hair Transplants

This is a costly process and may cause complications for some people such as skin infections or minor scarring. The procedure involves taking away tiny hair plugs from areas where the patient has continuous hair growth and inserting them to bald spots. Hair transplants are expensive and only a few people are able to afford them.

  1. Hair products

There are certain products that may improve regrowth of your hair and further reduce hair loss. Buy only those hair products that are free of alcohol because alcohol produces dryness in your scalp region and becomes a source of receding hairline. Ingredients such as bergamot in hair products can help to improve the condition by stimulating the hair follicles.

  1. Receding Hairline Cure with Food

Receding hairline natural treatment is possible through eating food that is good for hair regrowth. Eat a lot of fish if you want to recover your lost hair. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamin D, and a lot of proteins. Pumpkin is an iron rich source to help prevent hair loss. Eggs and meat also provide iron and proteins necessary for hair growth. It is also advisable to take a lot of zinc and selenium that comes from sources like nuts and fish.

  1. Care for your hair
  • Avoid exposing your hair to harsh hair chemicals like hair dyes and bleaches. They will deteriorate your already fragile hair follicles and increase hair fall.
  • Chose loose hairstyles that allow your hairline to relax as opposed to tight ponytails, braids, or weaves.
  • Using satin or silk pillow cases will make your hair relax while sleeping and reduce hair loss because silk causes less friction as compared with cotton.
  • Avoid over combing as it can cause your hairline to recede. Though combing is said to stimulate hair follicles it should be done the right way to avoid unnecessary hair fall.

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