Preventing Hair Breakage with Venus

No matter your hair type, relaxed or natural, one thing all black women battle with is hair breakage. Hair breakage can be caused by many factors, but the good news is that a lot of them are preventable.Here are a few tips to preventing hair breakage:

We’ve Got You Covered

Satin and silk are your hair’s best friend. Throw it on for style but never forget to have your scarf ready when you’re heading to bed. An alternative is investing in a silk/ satin pillowcase.

Satin and silk reduce friction between your hair and the rest of your bedding. Not only do they help keep your locks tangle-free, but also prevent breakage. Tangles break your hair at the point of the knot.

Before wrapping, twisting into Bantu knots or braiding the hair for bed, prep it. Section it off and detangle using Venus Anti-Breakage Leave-in Treatment and feel the results in the morning!

As you get your beauty sleep, Venus Anti-Breakage Leave-in Treatment will get to work, repairing breakages and restoring your hair to its natural strength. The leave-in formula quickly absorbs into the hair shaft, nourishing the dry ends and defending against damage. Your hair will be left silky, smooth and breakage-free just in time for you to head out in the morning. Your hair will be as refreshed as you are!

Food for Thought

Add some moisture to your hair before combing/brushing.Combing through dry hair can be painful and will lead to breakage. This is easily preventable by adding some moisture to your hair before brushing through it. Venus Anti-Breakage Hair Food may be just what you need to keep you and your hair happy when styling.

Section your hair off before combing and apply the Venus Hair Food. It’s perfect for defending against styling damage. It strengthens and reverses the signs of damage as you style. It’s lightweight on the roots but intensely nourishing on the ends so hair can stay strong and soft. Just like you do before bed, comb through your hair in sections to detangle properly before you style!

Prevention is better than Cure

Continue to protect your hair even when it’s in protective styling.

We’ve all heard the saying; “Prevention is better than cure” and sometimes we try to live that saying through our protective styling. However, just because your hair is “protected”, it does not mean it should be neglected. Your hair still needs love and care. Show it by using Venus Anti-Breakage Leave in Treatment. It will keep your hair revitalized and protect it from the damage that your styling may cause. It works to strengthen and repair the damage caused by styling. Split ends are targeted thus hair is protected from future breakage.

Apply the product from the roots to the tips of your hair, with your hair in the style. Apply daily to keep your strands protected. When you’re ready to take the style down you can enjoy renewed, nourished hair!

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