Having natural hair doesn’t mean you’re limiting your hairstyles to just one. There are loads of ways to style your natural hair if you’re not feeling up to the old wash and go style. Here are our top three hairstyles for natural hair:


Braided hairstyles are a classic style for natural hair. Whether you’re trying to grow your hair or just fancy a change in style, braids are never out of fashion. If you want a neat but trendy style you could try cornrows. They really protect your natural hair from damage and help your natural hair restore its strength. Box braids are also a big trend following the movement towards natural hair. Teamed with extensions they can make your hair look super long and stylish for any occasion. Remember to wrap your braids in a silk scarf at night to reduce frizz and dryness. Also, one thing to watch out for if you’re braving braided hairstyles is that they aren’t pulled too tight; this can really irritate your scalp.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hair at the moment. Celebrities like Rihanna have often been seen sporting this fantastic look. This easy and protective style helps your natural hair against breakage and will support its natural moisture so it’s less prone to drying out and looking crispy.

How to: Bantu Knots

  • Divide your hair into sections. The curlier you want your hair to look when you take the knots out, the smaller the sections you should use.
  • Apply a leave-in treatment on your hair to keep it hydrated. You can use this Venus product.
    Try this style on damp or dry hair – not wet; otherwise it’ll take ages to dry!
  • Roll and twist the sections of your hair, when you get to the ends wind them back towards your scalp and tuck under. You’re trying to create tiny buns or knots. If your hair doesn’t tuck under, use pins to keep the knots (buns) in place.


The 2 strand twist is great for natural hair because once it is styled it can last for weeks, even months! There are two ways you can do twists, you can use your natural hair and twist what you’ve got or you can get some extensions and make your hair look really long. Whichever you decide make sure to treat your hair with a moisturizing treatment beforehand. Separate your hair into moderately sized sections and blow-dry it. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair downwards, this will reduce frizz and stretch your hair making it look longer when you twist it later. Once you’ve blow dried your hair, separate into the sections again to de-tangle, it’ll make it easier to twist. As you twist apply an oil based product to smooth and add moisture, it’ll also help your twists stay in better. Once your twists are complete it requires minimum effort for you in the morning so this hairstyle is great for those who are short for time. At night remember to wrap your twists in a silk scarf to reduce frizz, retain moisture and keep the style for longer.

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