Have you ever relaxed your hair? Do you ever wonder what the process is like? The first thing that you need to do is to identify you hair texture: is it coarse, medium or fine? Once you have done that, you are able to select a suitable relaxer.

A virgin application of relaxer is done on natural hair that has never been relaxed. When the relaxer application is done on hair that is already straightened chemically, it is known as a retouch application.

We use Venus Hair Food with Olive Oil to base the scalp. This is because the hair food is light textured, making it melt into the scalp very easily and doesn’t coat the hair. The toughest part of the hair is the length between 1 inch from the scalp to 2 inches away from the hair tips. This is where the relaxer application begins. Be sure to use the right application tools and the right quantity of relaxer so that it does not drip or run. Leave it to set for a few minutes and rinse off the relaxer with warm water before using Venus Beautiful Essence Neutralizing Shampoo to wash the hair. The color of the lather gives an indicator of whether all the relaxer has been washed off. If the lather is pink, that shows that there is still some relaxer in the hair but once the lather is white in color, the hair has no more relaxer in it.

You can use the Venus Olive Oil dual hair treatment to give the hair a boost of sheen. A dual hair treatment can be used as either a leave-in treatment or the usual rinse out treatment which gives you the freedom of choice depending on how you are feeling. Once you apply the treatment in your hair as a leave in, comb through your locs and trim any split ends. You can then put on hair rollers and go under the hair dryer for about 25-35 minutes depending on your hair type. Once you are out of the dryer, you can comb and style as desired.

Keep using Venus to achieve your heavenly African hair!

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