You can use Venus Regular Relaxer to texturize your hair and give it curls. Additionally, using the Venus Curl Activator to make the curls pop! You will also need Venus Beautiful Essence hair food to complete the process. This hairstyle is best suited for short hair.

We shall start with the Venus Regular Relaxer to curl the hair, which will be followed by a hair wash using the Venus Neutralizing Shampoo. Before doing the relaxer application, base the scalp to prevent irritation. This can be done using petroleum jelly. Don’t leave the relaxer on for too long so that the hair is not completely straightened. Rinse off the relaxer before shampooing the hair. The colour indicator in the neutralizing shampoo will let you know when all the relaxer is out. To better define the curls achieved, you should apply some Venus Curl Activator gel. And there you have beautiful texturized hair.

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