1. I have a problem with my hair…it too much loose and I always find splitting problem…what do I do?

The texture of your hair is predetermined before birth. However, there are practices that can make the hair weak. Overuse of heated implements and chemical over processing will damage the hair. Cut off split ends once every two months and use treatments weekly to control and prevent any damage to the hair.

2. How often should I retouch my hair and braid it too?

A retouch should be done every 6 to 8 weeks. This time can vary depending with the rate of hair growth. To give the hair a break, you can braid it a month after retouching and stay with your braids for not more than a month.

3. How can I maintain my retouched hair in rainy days?

Protect your hair by covering it and using an umbrella. Ensure you dry the hair as soon as it gets wet but do not overdo it. Ensure your hairdresser uses setting aids while setting your hair to prevent the hair from absorbing too much moisture from the air.

4. Kindly advice what is best to stop itching scalp, two days after retouch?

Itching immediately after a retouch may be a result of exposure of the relaxer to the scalp during relaxing. This is usually inevitable in most cases as the hairdresser tries to reach the roots of your hair, basing the scalp thoroughly before relaxing can help avert this effect. Use products with menthol like the Venus Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Treatment to help soothe the scalp and help eliminate the flakes that are associated with this condition. These products should be used a week after your retouch.

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