Relaxing hair is still very popular for a number of reasons; it’s easier to maintain, it’s easier to style and it makes your hair look lusciously long. All good things, so what’s the problem? Your hair is still susceptible to damage and needs some care to keep it looking soft and healthy.


Conditioning your hair is so important to keep it soft and hydrated. Chemical relaxers remove the protein from your hair during the straightening process, damaging the natural health of your hair. Use a moisturizing conditioning treatment once or twice a week to replenish the health and improve the softness of your hair. Look for a treatment with natural oils like; Olive Oil and the new miracle oil on the market Moroccan Argan Oil, that deeply moisturize from root to tip and restore the hair’s strength. Leave the treatment on for 20 minutes and cover with a wrap so the oils can penetrate deep into the follicles. You’ll be left with stronger, softer hair.

Time for a Trim

If you’re trying to grow your hair the idea of a trim is a complete no-no. But it doesn’t have to be a drastic trim, just the split ends.  In fact, cutting the split ends from your hair actually helps it grow faster because it’s getting rid of those dead, dry ends and improving the overall health of your hair.

Turn down the Heat

Now your hair is relaxed it can be tempting to flat iron your hair into different styles but don’t give in! Heat is one of the biggest causes for drying out hair and causing breakage. If you really can’t resist, try to only use heat once a week maximum to avoid breakage to your ends, as long as you use a hydrating treatment weekly as well your hair should still keep its health.

The top tip we can give you for looking after your relaxed locks is to get into a weekly routine. Once you have that down then you’ll see a big improvement to the health of your hair.

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