Wrapping the hair before you go to bed has some benefits namely:

  • It prevents the hair from getting tangled as you toss and turn at night
  • It keeps the hair smooth by retaining the moisture
  • It keeps the hair in place and reduces fly-aways

What you need for this nightly routine is Venus Beautiful Essence hair food to restore any lost moisture during the day; a wide toothed comb to brush your hair in place; a silk scarf with which you will wrap your hair with and a hair band to tie the hair.

There are two ways of wrapping the hair for bed. The process for the first method is short and simple. First apply a little hair food on your hair and using the wide tooth comb, brush your hair around your head until all your ends are lying flat on your scalp. This helps in preventing split ends. The use of the wide tooth comb also prevents hair breakage. Once this is done, cover your hair with the silk scarf.

The second method involves combing your hair into a ponytail. Comb out the ends of the ponytail and tuck them into a bun using the hair band. You can then tie the silk scarf and you are ready to go to bed.

Be sure not to tie the scarf too tight as this may hurt you and restrict the flow of blood. Alternatively, if a silk scarf may slip and fall off your hair at night, you can opt for a silk bonnet that will stay on your head the whole night.

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