When your hairline is rushing inward and you seem to have no control it is time to take action. When you notice your hair suddenly thinning at the centre and your crown suddenly becomes a ‘see through’ there is a high chance you are experiencing hair loss. Many ladies and men often panic and in their rush to look for quick fixes end up doing even more damage to the hairline. Thinning of hair can be extremely annoying for women as every woman loves her hair. Studies reveal that a receding hairline is more common in men than women!

Women often suffer this condition as a result of reduction of their oestrogen levels. Similarly men can experience more hair fall when their testosterone levels decrease and that is why this problem is associated with ageing. As we age, our male and female hormone levels are reduced so we become prone to receding hairline.

When the condition affects men, it is known as androgenic alopecia and it originates when androgen (a male hormone) is converted into dihydrotestosterone which shrinks the hair follicles. It causes sudden hair fall along the temples and leads to sparse hair in those parts.

Well, now that you know. There is no need to panic as there are a couple of ways we can tackle this hair issue. While for some the hair loss is usually genetically acquired from our parents, for some the causes are very preventable. Causes include infections, diets, chemical hair products, stress, even drugs!

Causes of a receding hairline

  1. Age

Hair thinning and a receding hairline are common in older people than in younger people. Studies show the onset of a receding hairline from about 30 years of age.

  1. Emotional Factors – Stress

Stress is another major culprit in hair loss, and in these instances, thinning typically starts about three months after the emotional or physical stressor and lasts three to four months. It is important to manage stress, as it can accelerate hereditary hair loss and cause stress shedding. 

  1. Medications and Chemotherapy

Some medications such as those rich in Vitamin A, those for treating heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, gout, and anti-depressants can cause a receding hairline. For cancer patients, chemotherapy is known to cause temporary hair loss and this can worsen your recessing hairline

  1. Poor Eating Habits

The foods we eat can accelerate the recession of your hairline.  Avoid eating refined foods (grains and sugar) as it worsens hair loss. Ensure you also avoid low protein diets as protein is essential for hair growth. Iron deficiency can be a major source of stopping hair growth in certain areas of scalp because it indicates that your blood circulation is not up to par. Heavy smoking is also believed to contribute to a receding hairline.

Receding hairline can also occur as a result of taking drugs, alcohol, having gone through a trauma or surgery, after effects of childbirth, or as a symptom of an ailment.

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